Cost of Solar Roof Tiles

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Cost of Solar Roof Tiles

In today’s rough economic times, homeowners want to save as much money on home improvements as possible. This includes reducing their energy bills. One effective way to do this is to install solar power roof tiles.

These roof tiles, which blend in seamlessly with a home’s existing tiles, draw in and store the energy of the sun. A home then uses this energy, which comes free, instead of electricity from the public grid. This can save homeowners a significant amount of money each month.

These tiles used to be fairly uncommon in residential homes. But that is changing today. Today’s homeowners are tired of dealing with expensive and unpredictable energy bills. It’s hard to set a yearly household budget when electric bills – such an important line item of that budget – are so difficult to predict.

Solar roof tiles keep energy bills low. Some homeowners even report that there are months when they don’t have to pay anything for electricity and what’s even better is that in some areas you can plug in to “the grid” and any energy you don’t use, you get paid for. This can help pay back some of the initial cost of the solar panel tiles.

Solar roof tiles are also popular among homeowners interested in living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. A growing number of homeowners realize that they can take steps to reduce their own impact on the environment. One way to do this is to consume less energy. Solar roof tiles help them do this.

These roof tiles aren’t cheap. But over the long haul they will save homeowners money thanks to the lower electric bills they cause. Today, though, it’s a bit easier financially for environmentally conscious homeowners to invest in solar roof tiles. Depending on the state in which homeowners live, they can qualify for cash rebates, renewable energy credits and other financial incentives for those who install solar roof tiles.

The federal government even offers its own 30-percent tax credit for building owners who install solar roof tiles. Congress made sure to extend this credit because of the environmental benefits it brought. With the new administration it is also very clear that environmentally friendly prdocts are a big part of their agenda so I wouldn’t anticipate these tax credits ending any time soon either.

Solar roof tiles, once they are installed, required no extra maintenance from homeowners. Basically, they operate the same as do any other type of roofing panel. Homeowners won’t have to give their solar roof tiles any extra attention.

If you’re looking to slash the amount of money you throw away on electric bills each month, consider investing in solar power roof tiles. Your neighbors won’t be able to notice a difference when they look up at your roof from their front lawns. But you’ll see a huge difference every time your mail carrier drops your monthly utility bill in your mailbox.

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