Cost of New Plumbing

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Cost of New Plumbing

This is one frequently asked question that is very difficult to answer, but we will try our best to analyze the cost of a new house plumbing and take a look at what can unnecessarily add to the cost, as well as list a few tips that can potentially save you money as well.

The reason that this question is impossible to answer is that there are way too many factors that can influence the total cost: the size of the house, the number of stories that it has, the number of the bathrooms in the house, the foundation materials, as well as whether or not the plumbing has to be connected to a sewer system – all these factors need to be considered and the only way to get an accurate estimate of the total cost of a new plumbing is to get an in-place evaluation by a local plumbing contractor. The labor and material costs also vary by location and finding a professional, reliable and affordable contractor requires some hard work as well.

The cost of new plumbing is also higher if old piping has to be replaced – this is quite often necessary when moving to a house, where the faucets and the pipes are corroded and cannot be salvaged. Since the final bill of such plumbing work can be considerably high, there are a few simple tips that can help you bring the cost down:

1. Always get more than one quote – write down all the work that you think needs to be done, call no less than three different plumbing contractors and ask them to evaluate the cost and the time necessary to complete the work, and then carefully consider each bid. Not sure where to get started? You can compare multiple plumbing quotes here (it’s free and there’s no catch).

2. Purchase the necessary materials yourself – in most instances, regardless if you have to replace old plumbing or install entirely new one, the material of choice would be CPVC and if you purchase all the pipes and the fixtures yourself (after consulting with the plumbing contractor), you are likely to save money. When making such large purchases, always try to negotiate a better price with your local store and you would be surprised how often you would actually get a hefty discount.

3. Do some of the work yourself – this can save you a great deal of money, but undertaking plumbing renovation of the installation of new plumbing from scratch might not be something that you would want to do, unless you have the necessary experience and expertise. Quite often, hiring a professional can be considerably cheaper and get the job done in less time, which also means less inconvenience.

If you have just bought a new house, it is quite understandable that you would want to move in as soon as possible, but installing new plumbing requires careful planning and quality execution since this would result in lower maintenance costs as well. Choosing water-saving plumbing materials and finishes is also a wise choice since it can greatly reduce your monthly water bills.

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