Cost of Painting a House

by The Carpenter

Cost of Painting a House

Painting a house can easily cost you a few thousand dollars and is a project that you should budget for carefully! The final cost will largely depend on the size of the house or the area that you wish to paint, the type and the quality of the paint, the amount of preparation work, and whether you do the painting yourself or hire a contractor. Your first task would be to carefully measure the area, which will determine the amount of paint that you need – for external painting, you might want to apply two coatings and the same is valid if you paint light color over dark one. The price per gallon of paint varies greatly and can start from as little as $25 per gallon and go as high as $600 per gallon; however, you should not choose the cheapest paint as it won’t last and paying just a bit extra is likely to give you paint that can easily last for five years or more. A gallon of paint is likely to cover around 400 feet, so once you know how large the exterior of your house or the area that you want to paint is, you can determine the amount of paint that you would need. You can get a free contractor quote here as well.

Do-it-yourself vs. hiring a contractor:

It is understandable that if you paint your house yourself, you are likely to save around %60 of what a contractor would charge – in fact, labor can make up to 75% to 85% of the total cost of hiring a contractor. However, the contractor is also likely to do far better job than you are, unless you have previous experience or expertise. Even when you go the DYI route, you should budget for far more than just the paint – you are going to need tools that you probably do not own and have to rent. Renting pressure washer, scaffolding or long ladder, and power washer can cost you anywhere from $120 to $400, depending on your location; add to the final cost the money what you would spend on sandpaper, masking tape, and patching compounds, budget for the unexpected and you will get the finally cost for the project.

Hiring a contractor is costly, but probably well worth it if you have not ever held a brush or a roller – most contractors charge per square foot and you should get at least three or four different estimates before making your choice. Keep in mind that over the phone you are likely to get just a rough estimate and the price per square foot will vary according to the surface type, the amount of prep work that needs to be done, the number of coats that have to be applied, and number of other factors. The most accurate estimate you will get after the contractor makes an on-site visit and gives you his quotation – get everything in writing, including the type and the price of the paint, the cost of labor, cleanup work, as well as the estimated duration of the project.

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