Cost of a Stamped Concrete Patio

by The Carpenter

Cost of a Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete holds great number of advantages over other popular pavement materials and will not only enhance the aesthetic value of your property, but also add to the resale value of your house. And its longevity, moderate cost, and availability in great number of colors is what makes it a favorite patio option.

The stamp concrete patio is likely to cost you less than natural stone one and is yet fully customizable and relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain as well. The price of your new stamped concrete patio will vary from one area to another, depending on the cost of the materials that you choose and the local contractor’s rates. (You can compare stamped concrete patio quotes here for free.) However, there are quite a few other factors that will inevitably add to this cost and quite a few steps that you can take in order to reduce them.

At the time of this writing, expect to pay anywhere from ten to twenty dollars per square foot and quite a bit more for more intricate, custom designs. The access to the site, number of steps (if any), electrical work, borders, weather conditions, and the thickness and strength of the concrete will all influence the cost of the whole project. You won’t have control over all of these factors, but some of the options you can decide on after carefully evaluating the pros and cons, while keeping the price in mind. Luckily, most local contractors will give you free estimates and you should call a few of them and discuss the project in details; ask them if you can get some of the work done yourself in order to save money – you might not be able to do all the excavation, but clearing the area and even doing some of the prep work and the small finishes might be well within your capabilities and likely to bring the total cost down.

Keep in mind that many contractors have a minimal fee for patio installation and always ask them about that in advance. And keep in mind that when it comes to stamped concrete patios, size does matter – smaller size patio is likely to cost you more per square foot than a larger patio and this is quite logical since the contractors would want to cover their overhead costs. As always, before even commencing the project take the time to consider the long-term applications as well: one of the few disadvantages of the concrete is that it cracks with time and even though these cracks are relatively easily repaired, these repairs can be costly. Ask your contractor what he can do in order to minimize future cracks and also make sure that he adds non-slip additive, especially if you have elderly people or children living in your household.

Maintaining the stamped concrete patio is relatively inexpensive, but nevertheless you will probably have to apply sealant six months after the construction and once a year from there on; you should also make sure that the patio furniture has plastic glides in order to protect its surfaces from scratches.

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