Cost of a New Deck

by The Carpenter

Cost of a New Deck

Building a new deck will give you great outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy in the warm days of the year, and can also add to your house’s resale value. However, although not overly complicated task, building a new deck still requires some careful planning and cost calculation. Luckily you can compare local contractor quotes here to help you find the best price.

Your first undertaking would be to decide where you would want to build your new deck. The back of the house is what most people choose and you would also have to choose in which direction to build your deck, unless you are constricted by the size of your yard and the position of your house.

Once you have figured out the area of the new deck, it is time to think about the cost: how much you would have to pay in total largely depends on the materials that you choose, the size of the deck, the fastenings, the rails, and the various amenities like in-ground pools and benches.

Your most challenging task would be to pick the right material: wood is no longer your only option and new and today more durable decking materials are available as well. Composite decking is what is hot and trendy right now, but composite decking is what can cost you three to four times more than pressure-treated pine; this is the time to find the right balance between your budget and your personal preferences.

Keep in mind that the initial building cost is not all the money that you would have to spend on your decking – in most instances, you will need to clean the entire deck once every four or five years in order to properly maintain it. One great way to reduce your initial costs is to check out some of the reclamation yards for decking material, where you can normally find great bargains.

Apart from the cost of material, labor cost is likely to be your second biggest expense and at times it can even surpass the cost of the material: if you decide to hire a professional build your deck, always get at least three different quotes and if you want to save even more money, you can build the deck yourself. Multi-leveled deck with great number of built-in amenities might not be something that you would want to tackle if your skills are basic, but more straightforward projects are definitely doable.

What else can add to the cost of your new deck?

Railings – they are at times necessary, but quite often decorative; take the time to figure out how many railings you would need and how much they would cost. The same applies to stairs, waterproof flooring, stepping stones, decoration around the deck, fire pits, and benches – all these can be great, but they all add to the cost of the project. Also, hidden fastening systems is what many people opt in for since they can make your deck look like natural extension of your house, but these not only cost money, but are also more labor intensive to install and likely to increase the labor cost as well.

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