Cost of Recessed Lighting

by The Carpenter

Cost of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lightning can be used in various ways to either increase the lightning in a room or give your home modern and stylish look. Apart from general lightning, recessed lights can brighten up work areas, artwork, bookshelves and used in open spaces to make them look bigger. The cost of recessed lighting can vary greatly and the installation of such lights is typically done during new construction or renovation projects since at a later stage a section of the ceiling must be cut for each light in a way that does not interfere with the existing wiring, piping, or ventilation.

Regardless if you decide to do the installation on your own or hire a professional, the more lights you need installed, the costlier the whole project will be – and apart from the cost, planning the positioning and the exact number of lights is probably the most difficult part. There a few particulars about recessed lights that you should be familiar with – these light look great, stylish, and can give your new house a trendy modern look, but they do not provide as much light as the classic light bulb. In addition, if you install them in a kitchen or other area, which should be well illuminated, you will have to make sure that you install sufficient number of lights, while in the bedroom you will not need as many. If you have difficulties deciding on the exact number of lights, it is advisable to have more rather than less and in such case you can have two sections of recessed lights installed, each of them with their own switch.

The cost of recessed lighting will also depend on the type of lights that you wish to install – low voltage lights are smaller and you can have more of them, but they are also typically more expensive than the line voltage lights since they need a transmitter. However, while the line voltage recessed lights can be either spot or flood, the low voltage ones can come with more than a dozen beam variations. Then, you have IC and NON-IC lights: the IC lights can be installed where the insulation can touch the can’s housing while the NON-IC lights must have a gap of three inches or more between the can and the insulation.

In most instances you will hear that installing a recessed light would cost you anywhere from $20 to $150 per light, but it is very unlikely that you will pay less than $40 per light even if you do the entire installation yourself. Even though going the DYI route is as always less costly, it is relatively easy only if the ceiling or the walls are torn open and you should do the installation on your own only after taking all the necessary safety precautions. In the cases where you have to call qualified electrician to do all the work, you can expect the cost per light to go as high as $200 and even more. Of course, you should get at least a few estimates and choose the contractor with most experience, proven quality work, and reasonable prices.

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