Cost of Countertop Resurfacing

by The Carpenter

Cost of Countertop Resurfacing

When it comes to dictating the look of a kitchen, nothing comes close to the importance of your countertop. Due to the amount of space they take up, they determine much of the way the kitchen looks, since you see so much of it. But what if your countertop has seen better days and your kitchen is in desperate in need of countertop resurfacing? If you change the countertop, that’s the first and most important step in revamping the appearance of your kitchen, making the rest of it easy.

However, it can be pricey to install a new countertop. If your budget is low enough, you might not even be able to do it. However, you can make them say something different by making a few small changes; you can easily and inexpensively do a countertop resurfacing so that way your kitchen can still experience great renovation without the expense of buying a brand new countertop.

There are typical sizes for kitchen countertops, which makes laminating or changing materials easy, because you’ll always get the right size or amount of whatever you need to cover a standard size kitchen countertop. There are laminates out there in every color of the rainbow, as well as different textures and styles that are within your budget.

It’s simple to handle laminate material, due to their 1/16″ thickness, so you can transport it easily. However, some preparation is required for the countertop before you put on a new laminate. Strip the countertop of its existing glue and laminate immediately. There are many home improvement shops that have the right chemicals for this. Make sure to sand the wood underneath the glue and laminate, so that it’s smooth and pliable, making the new laminate easier to adhere.

The glue will be ready to spread after you finish sanding the surface. You can get this glue at the same home improvement place you got the laminate. Be absolutely sure to have a thin spread of glue over the whole surface of the countertop before you do anything else. If your glue is distributed unevenly, the laminate can bubble, which results in your countertop looking less than impressive.

If you need help getting the glue spread evenly, get a glue spreader to make it easier. The laminate needs to seal all over the countertop, so get the glue spread out all the way to the countertop’s edge. If you don’t glue your countertop edges well enough, the laminate can easily come undone or fold up, which can damage the countertop if moisture gets into it.

In order to make sure that the laminate adheres evenly to the countertop, get a heavy roller to push the laminate down. Don’t worry if you see glue squirting out through the edges of the laminate, just wipe it off shortly after you see it. Bottom line, countertop resurfacing isnt a horrible process and can be done with a little extra work, and your kitchen will be much better off for it.

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