Cost of a New Heating System

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Cost of a New Heating System

Your choice of a new heating system is likely to depend on great variety of factors: the weather in your region, the size of your house, its insulation, and last but not least on your budget. The newer technologies have made the latest heating systems much more efficient that the ones that were used even two decades ago, but it is often less costly to simply repair your already existing heating system or even convert it to different and cheaper fuel system when that is possible. When calculating the costs, it is always wise to take into account not only the installation and other immediate costs, but the long-term expenses as well. In cities and states where long and cold winters are the norm, it is often cheaper in the long run to invest in higher-end and more expensive heating system, which is likely to considerably bring down the monthly bills. You can get a free contractor quote here as well.

You will inevitably need a new heating system if the old one has broken components that cannot be repaired or the repair is cost prohibitive; also, if the system is really old and with very low energy efficiency, then replacing it with a new one is likely to pay for itself in the course of just a few short years. In order to save money on such a large and costly project, you will have to familiarize yourself with the different heating systems and the different types of fuel that they use. Natural gas, electricity and fuel oil are the three most commonly used heating fuel types and if you live in colder climate, choosing gas or even fuel oil is going to be far less costly than electricity.

Another important step is choosing the heating system type – you might want to opt in for all-in-one solution that heats your house during the winter and cools it in the hot summer days. Most houses have central heating systems with central warm air furnace systems and hot water systems being the most popular, followed by heat pumps heating systems. From the stand-alone systems the built-in electric units, room heaters and wall, floor and pipeless furnace are the most common.

The least expensive option when replacing an old heating system is to replace it with system of the same type since this will probably allow you to use some of the existing piping or ductwork and actually replace only some and not all of the parts. Since installing a new heating system is something that most people would hire a contractor for, you should take the time to find the best men for the job – ask your friends, family, and coworkers for their experiences and recommendations. Then, call a few contractors and let them give you their estimates and carefully evaluate each bid. Check the contractors’ license, their experience, and ask about the given warranties; always ask for written description of the project before the work begins and make sure that the costs are not only broken down, but provisions for variables and contingencies are also made.

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