Cost of a Garage Addition

by The Carpenter

Cost of a Garage Addition

Adding a garage to your home is one of the things that can be done to add value to your home exponentially. There are a few concerns that need to be addressed before embarking on this venture though. To start with, you should consider the space you have at your disposal. You then have to determine the number of cars that can fit into the garage. Clearly, the larger the garage you are building, the more expensive it will be as you will require more building materials to be used in the construction of the garage.

Another important factor that needs to be considered is whether the local authorities in your area actually allow garage additions to be made to already built homes, and if so whether there are any permits that need to be acquired. It is very important to have these facts before planning to build a garage. If you build a garage without a permit, you may have to take it down later. In addition, most lawyers will advise a buyer against buying a home without this permit in place.

By consulting contractors, you can find out roughly how much it will cost to build your garage. You may also decide that you are going to add accessories to the garage in which case you should also include it in the cost of your estimates. A garage with many accessories will no doubt cost more compared to one that has been built more simply.

When choosing the contractor to hire, be careful to contact at least three references in order to make sure that the builder offers quality service at the best price. As a quick reminder you can compare local contractor quotes here… it’s free and it doesn’t require a credit card.

Pick out a garage door that is to your taste but is also affordable enough to stay within your budget. For instance, a garage door with a wooden finish will definitely cost more, compared to a steel garage door. Designs on the door add onto the cost. Another consideration is whether the door will be electronically controlled or manually handled. This detail adds on to the cumulative cost of adding a garage to your home.

You can cut your costs by doing the building yourself. Instead of hiring full time contractors or if you don’t think you can do it all by yourself you could try hiring part time workers to work with you. This has the added advantage of making certain that you keep an eye on the work as it is in progress. Clearly, if you are not handy then this is not an option.

The design of the garage might also determine the cost of the garage. For instance, certain garages have an upper level that is used as an attic. If you choose this kind of a design, it will cost you more than a conventional ground level garage.

Whether a garage is attached or detached also comes into play. An attached garage is much cheaper because you do not have to lay a foundation for it, but with a detached garage, you would have to build it from scratch, which means that it would be more expensive in comparison.

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