Do It Yourself Home Foundation Repair

by The Carpenter on March 1, 2016

A cracking foundation can cause serious, and expensive, problems in the future. If you notice that your home’s foundation is cracking, you need to take quick action to fix the problem. The good news is that you don’t have to hire a home foundation repair contractor to tackle this job. Do it yourself home foundation repair can be time-consuming and challenging, but it is a project that skilled DIYers can complete on their own.

To repair a foundation, you’ll need hydraulic jacks, concrete and wire cable. You’ll also need patience and a willingness to ask for professional help should the project prove to be too big to handle.

Before beginning the project, hire a home inspector to look at your foundation. This professional will be able to tell you just how severe the problem is. Once you know this, you’re ready to work.

First, dig around your home’s foundation. Make sure the trench that you make is large enough for you to work in. Depending on how much of your foundation is cracking, you may have to rent a backhoe. If you’re not comfortable operating such machinery, hire a contractor to dig the trench for you.

Next, insert your wire cable down into the trench, next to the cracking foundation. Thread your concrete pilings down the wire cables. You may need to use as many as nine of these depending on the severity of the cracking. Place a concrete cap atop the top piling to create a firm base.

Once this is done, use your hydraulic jacks to lift your home’s foundation back to its original location. Place concrete cylinders around the foundation. These will take the place of the hydraulic jacks. You now must let the foundation settle onto these concrete cylinders.

You’re not done yet. Your best bet is to leave the foundation exposed for two weeks. This will allow you to see if it will stay at the right level. Once you’re sure of this, fill the dirt back in the trench you made. Using concrete, finish the job by patching any cracks both inside and outside your house.

Again, this is no easy job. If you’re at all unsure of your ability, hire a professional contractor. Do it yourself concrete foundation repair can save you a significant amount of money. But if you do the job incorrectly, it can cost you even more dollars. Remember this before tackling a project of this magnitude on your own. Know your limits, and don’t take on more than you can handle.

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