Cost of Radiant Heat Flooring

by The Carpenter

Cost of Radiant Heat Flooring

Are your heating bills too high? Are you tired of throwing money away each month on heating a home that never seems to reach a comfortable temperature? If so, it might be time to think about radiant heat flooring for your home’s floors. But the question you may be asking is: “is radiant heat worth it?

Radiant heat flooring means that you supply heat directly to the floors, walls or ceiling of a home. The obvious benefit of going with such a heating system is that it warms up a room more efficiently. You’ll feel comfortable in far less time than with a standard baseboard heating system.

But even more importantly in today’s weak economy, in which every dollar is precious, radiant heated floors are more energy efficient. You’ll spend less money each month heating your home if your go with radiant heat flooring instead of traditional baseboard heating.

Think about it: Baseboard heating pushes hot air from your furnace through vents located strategically throughout your house. This heat rises in the air and gradually heats the rooms of your home. The problem with this system is that a significant amount of hot air is last as the heat passes through vents. This means that your furnace has to pump out more hot air – costing you a greater amount of money – to adequately heat your house.

This adds up to a lot of lost money during the average winter. It’s especially a problem if you live in a cold climate.

Radiant heated floors, though, are a far more efficient way to provide heat to your home. Hot air is not last through air ducts. This means that not only do you spend less to warm up your residence, but your home will heat up in far less time.

Radiant floor heating is also a better choice for people with allergies. Traditional baseboard heating kicks up dust. This can make life difficult for residents who are allergic to it. With radiant floor heating, though, no air is blown through the house, meaning dust particles are not lifted into the air.

Finally, radiant floor heating does not require nearly as much electricity. This is important in parts of the country where electric rates are high. Again, radiant floor heating can save homeowners a significant amount of money each month because it does consume less energy than do traditional baseboard heating systems.

If you’re looking to heat your home more efficiently and for less money, consider investing in radiant heat flooring. You’ll notice a difference with your first heating bill.

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