Cost of New Carpet

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Cost of New Carpet

Aside from wanting to replace carpets for wear and tear, people buy new carpets for many reasons – they want to redecorate their houses, they don’t like the color of their old carpet any more, the carpet doesn’t feel as soft as before and there might be multitude of other reasons why you might want to buy a new carpet and remove the old one.

However, the cost of a new carpet can really add up, and that cost isn’t only the price per square yard that you are going to pay; in order to stay within your budget, you should take the time to do some careful planning and evaluation. Decide on the type of the carpet – you would want either wall-to-wall or area carpet, and then decide on how many rooms and areas you would want covered, and finally take accurate measurements of these rooms and areas.

Once you have all this done, it is time to visit a few local vendors (or just get a free new carpet quote here) and while you are there, ask all the questions about the different types of carpet fibers as well. Typically, you will have to choose between nylon, polyester, wool and polypropylene and each one of them has different qualities, feel and price. And even though the price is important, there are a few other factors that you will have to consider – is the carpet in a high-traffic area of your house, is it in a room where your kids or pets are likely to play all day long, and finally take into account the weather conditions in your area as some carpets take wet and snowy shoes better than others. On the other hand, if you plan on redecorating your house in a few years time, you can easily opt in for cheaper and not so durable carpet.

Other costs that you have to factor in for are the delivery and installation costs – make sure to ask the vendor if the quoted price includes delivery and as for installation, you can either install the carpet yourself or let a professional do it for you. Most vendors will have their own carpet installation crew or will refer you to a professional, but installing it yourself is always cheaper and an option that you should consider, as long as it won’t void the manufacturer’s warranty.

What else can add to the cost of a new carpet?

Removing the old one and any repairs to the subflooring can add to the cost and you should do this well ahead of time and, if at all possible, do it yourself in order to save some money. Any extras that you might need such as stair fixtures or baseboards will also cost money and so will the padding; you might be able to reuse the old padding, but this isn’t always the case. Keep in mind that thicker and higher quality padding costs money, but it is likely to provide better insulation, make your carpet richer and the room quieter.

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