Cost of a New Fence

by The Carpenter

Cost of a New Fence

Adding a new fence to your property adds a couple of important elements to your home’s value. First a new fence can add a nice aesthetic value to your property and make a nice yard look even better. Second having a fence is a great way to keep kids and pets contained on your property and keep others out. Fences can get expensive though so it is important to understand what drives the cost of a new fence and where you can save money.

The first thing you will need to determine is how much of your yard will be fenced in. If you have a large yard you will pay a lot more for your fence installation than you would if you have a smaller yard. You can also be creative with the area that you are getting fence installed on, you might be able to save some money there as well.

The next thing you need to consider is the type of fencing you want to install. This can save you a lot of cost on your fence installation. Chain link fences, for example, are a lot cheaper than most other types of fencing. The drawback to chain link of course is that it’s not as aesthetic as other types of fencing. Picket fencing is reasonably priced and looks a lot nicer than chain link, but if cost is a problem it may not be feasible.

There are other types of fencing that are a lot more expensive than the standard types of fencing. There are some very nice prefabricated (prefab for short) fences that are much easier to install. Many of these can be done by yourself, but you can also get a contractor to install it for you if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. (You can compare local contractor quotes for free here… no credit card required).

Lastly you will want to consider other costs that you may incur with a fence installation. You will need tools like a post hole digger, hammer and nails, you could need paint to pain the fence something other than the standard color that it comes with, and you will need to spend money on a gate if you want one. Gates can really add up the cost so be sure to incorporate it in to your fence installation cost estimate before you do one.

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