Cost To Rewire a House

by The Carpenter

Cost To Rewire a House

If your home’s electrical system is out of date, needs an upgrade or simply cant handle the amount of electricity that you need for your appliances and other electrical devices, then you may need to have your house re-wired. It’s not very uncommon for homes built in the 50’s through 80’s to need an electrical wiring upgrade as we add more and more electrical devices to our homes. So how much does new wiring cost? Let’s break down some of the factors that can increase costs.

The first thing you will likely need is a new electrical box. This is the “home base” of the electrical system and without it, it doesn’t matter how intricate your wiring job is, the electrical load will fail without a good box.

Unless you are a trained, licensed electrician (and if that’s the case why would you read this article?) then I highly recommend that you hire a professional to install an electrical box. Playing with electricity without knowing what you are doing could cause fire, severe injury or death. It’s nothing to mess around with and you need to leave it to the professionals. If you don’t know who to call you can compare licensed electrical contractors here… it’s free and you don’t need a credit card.

If you still insist on re-wiring your house yourself at least get one of many good electrical wiring books so you can see how things should be done.

Once you have the box installed you can move on and have each room re-wired individually. You don’t have to re-wire all of the rooms at once, and you may only need to do one or two rooms that use a lot of electricity such as a laundry room, a bathroom or a garage. You may also have rooms that already contain modern electrical circuits in rooms that were added on after the house was built. If these rooms are up to code you may not need to spend the money rewiring them.

You also need to remember that in order to re-wire most rooms you will need to tear down walls, or parts of walls in order to get to the circuitry. You will need to factor in drywall installation prices as well since you will need to replace it when you are done. Many contractors will take care of this themselves, or work with another team that will fix it after the new wiring job is complete.

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