Cost of Drywall Installation

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Cost of Drywall Installation

The cost of drywall installation can vary depending on what you are looking to do. On a whole drywall (or sheetrock as it is commonly known) doesn’t cost a lot in comparison to other building materials, mostly because it doesn’t cost a lot for companies to produce.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to replace drywall, perhaps you accidentally punched a hole in it, maybe you are replacing water damaged drywall from basement flooding, or maybe you are just remodeling a room in your home and need to replace old dingy sheetrock. Whatever the reason replacing drywall is one of the easier do it yourself projects, and one of the more affordable jobs too.

One thing to keep in mind about the cost of drywall is that you aren’t just buying the drywall itself, you need drywall screws, joint compound, a saw made specifically to cut drywall (don’t use a regular saw!) and possibly even more standard materials like a new ladder, a utility knife or even a hammer. If you have to go out and purchase all of these be sure to bear them in mind when you are calculating the cost of installing new drywall, it may actually be cheaper to have someone install it for you, but typically it’s cheaper to do it yourself.

Depending on how big your room is you will typically be looking at between $0.75 and $1.00 per square foot if you were doing the installation yourself. Don’t use this dollar amount as gospel, but use it as a guide when planning your renovation, prices can vary from region to region and town to town depending on the availability of materials and competition (among other factors) so you may get a different rate. Generally speaking though, if you figure on a dollar a square foot you shouldn’t be too far off. If you are looking to have your drywall installed, the cost would be roughly double that.

You will also want to factor in any waste on the cost of a drywall installation. Since drywall is extremely brittle, it can be damaged quite easily either transporting it from the hardware store, moving it from room to room, or just making a bad cut, so be careful and be sure to factor in a little extra cost to be sure you are covered.

Lastly, make sure you competitively shop from contractor to contractor as some will naturally have a cheaper drywall installation cost than others. A company that specializes in drywall installation will probably charge less than your local handyman because they likely have all the materials already, and are able to install it in half the time. As with most jobs, labor cost really ads up to a big percentage of the cost, so the faster they can install the less it will cost you.

Bottom line, the cost of drywall installation is one of the cheapest renovation projects you can buy so as long as you do your homework and shop around for the best price and labor rates you will save yourself a lot of money and have a nice new room for your home.

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