Cost of a Bathtub Replacement

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Cost of a Bathtub Replacement

Bathtub replacement can be quite a costly endeavor and before you start calling the different local contractors for quotations or applying for a loan, you can take a look at the alternatives as well. Quite a few companies offer bathtub restoration (compare bathtub replacement quotes here) which is likely to cost you just a few hundred dollars, compared to the few thousand that you are likely to spend on removing your old bathtub and replacing it with a new one. Resurfacing can be done on-place and without the need to tear down walls or break the tiles in your bathroom and can repair damage and scratches to your bathtub and make it look like brand new for years to come.

However, when necessary, bathtub replacement should be done wisely since, as we have already mentioned, it is going to cost a few thousand dollars. The exact cost will vary from one region to another and the only way to get an accurate estimate of the full cost is to follow the golden rule and get three different estimates. Even if you are replacing your older bathtub with a new one with exactly the same dimension, this still isn’t a simple task – piping has to be disconnected, sections of the walls might have to be torn down, and the toilet and the cabinets might have to be removed as well. And this is why this complicated task to be left to the professionals – keep in mind that a professional team of contractors might need anywhere from two-three days to more than a week to get all this work done and if you try to go the DIY route, you are likely to need twice as much time. And unless you are demolition expert and a qualified plumber, you are also likely to make quite a few mistakes, which can be pricey to repair.

The total cost of the project depends on good number of factors and apart from labor, the cost of the bathtub itself will make a significant difference as well – steel and fiberglass bathtubs are more affordable than cast iron, but not as durable and don’t retain heat that well. Water jet and jet-air tubs are quite trendy right now, but some of the models can cost as much as five thousand dollars and more and the quality and the type of the fittings that you choose will also have an impact on final cost as well.

You might be able to save some money by purchasing the fixing and the tiles yourself and also doing some of the preparation work if at all possible. However, unless you are well qualified and have the necessary expertise, let the professionals do all the work; it doesn’t hurt to ask them for discounts on material and labor though and with some careful planning and a lot of common sense, you will get your old bathtub out of the way and replace it with a brand new one without having to pay more than you need to.

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