Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

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Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? The good news is that a fully renovated, modern bathroom is a really strong selling point for prospective buyers, and will make you the envy of all of your friends if you aren’t planning on moving. The bad news is that of all the rooms, bathrooms are among the most expensive to remodel.

The exact amount you spend depends on a lot of variables, like what needs to be done, the current condition of the bathroom, the area you live, the specific fixtures, tiles, vanities, toilets, shower encasing, etc that you choose, and how much your contractor is charging you.

The bulk of a bathroom remodeling cost is going to be the labor. That’s why it’s important to compare contractor quotes to see where you can save money on the remodel (by the way… you can compare four local quotes here… it’s free and you don’t need a credit card). You can also try doing the job yourself, and can save a lot of money by doing so, but you want to be sure you know what you’re doing before you try anything advanced like re-routing plumbing for example.

Bathroom fixtures can really contribute to the cost as well, but you can get these at a discount. At your local store you can try to find what you are looking for in the clearance section, or perhaps in the scratch and dent section if you aren’t too fussy. If rummaging through the clearance bin isn’t your thing you can really save a lot of money buying fixtures online where sites like that offer steep discounts over big box stores plus free shipping on your order.

You might be able to save some money as well if you supply your own fixtures and tiles, as opposed to having your contractor order them for you. Contractors usually mark up products just a little bit (or a lot depending on which contractor you choose) for the convenience of them ordering it. Before you buy your own fixtures though be sure the contractor knows you are doing so. They may have suggestions on brands or models of fixtures to be sure the project goes smoothly and to prevent any delays in the bathroom remodel.

A bathroom remodel can be a very expensive project but it can be a very worthwhile job as well, really adding a lot to your home’s value (not to mention the aesthetic value of having a nice new bathroom). Shop around for a good quote, look for a good deal on bathroom fixtures and do things by yourself if you can, and you will save a bundle on your next bathroom remodeling job.

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