Cost of Basement Remodel

by The Carpenter

Cost of Basement Remodel

Remodeling your basement is a wonderful way to add value to a house as well as creating more family space. There is a variety of cheap basement finishing ideas to make your basement in to a room you will want to spend all of your time in.

Let your imagination run when considering how to develop every element of a basement remodel. The basement might be transformed into a game room, guest bedroom, entertainment room, organized storage, extra bathroom, home office, home theater, playroom, apartment, Jacuzzi room, wine cellar or a combination of one or more space depending on the basement size. These are a few ideas for remodeling your basement. Think of all the possibilities and the best use for the space for your family. Talk to each family member and learn their ideas as well as what they want. Everyone might be thinking about the same thing or it might answer some questions on what is most needed.

Get ideas for remodeling your basement from friends and family, photos, magazines and the internet, just for starters. This will inspire you and help you create your own new space. Keep the basement’s size, shape and condition in mind when making remodeling plans. This will help you determine what direction you will take the project and customize the space. If the remodel is mostly a waterproofing project you might just be repainting or putting in a new floor. If the basement unfinished or is only partially finished the planning process will be more in-depth because it is not only decorating, but also construction.

When creating a new room consider how to best use the space in relation to the rest of the house as well. Sine you are doing new construction you are designing on a lean slate. Use this to your advantage. Do you need more storage? Adding more storage could help free up room throughout the rest of the house while also allowing for a new family area in the newly remodeled basement.

Remodeling time is also a prefect opportunity to update materials. Becoming environmentally friendly is popular and on many people’s minds today. Even during a construction project “green” material is available. Eco-friendly materials can be as simple as energy saving light bulbs placed in new lighting. Nevertheless, there are other green materials including wood that are used in construction. Research what is available and what you would like to use. Research the benefit and differences of using “green” materials. This information is important to help you decide on materials and start your supply list.

When you have an idea of everything, you want and need for the remodel it is time to start planning. Take measurements and do the research needed to find the exact elements wanted such as paint color and carpeting.

Remodeling a basement has many benefits such as providing more room to entertain family and friends. Remember to take pictures during the remodeling process. Then create a scrapbook. Finally, host a party in the new basement following completion to show off the effort. It is a perfect time to celebrate.

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